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 My Guild Split Divide

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PostSubject: My Guild Split Divide   Wed Oct 08, 2008 9:03 am

Ok folks, As some of you know, I made a guild called Split Divide. Its currently invite only for admittance, so its going to be small for a long time lol. Other than my decree of not interfering with AzzArum, we are neutral in all things. But don't you worry, I still have a few spies in Azz lol. If we go to GW, and that's a huge IF, we are either their to do the flame quest, or just there to watch. If anyone actually wanted to FIGHT in GW then they have to either join another guild or be happy knowing that I have absolutely no intentions of making allies/enemies for it. Unless its to come to AzzArum's aid. I have no intention of stopping that good will. Anywho, just saying hello, I'm still with ya, happy belated Bday sonya ( whenever she logs on Imma give her something... gotta think of what tho lol) and play for fun. Too many people take this game too seriously.
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My Guild Split Divide
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