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 Hiya people! =)

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PostSubject: Hiya people! =)   Sun Sep 28, 2008 5:04 pm

Glad to be on forums, nice work whoever done it. Some self-introduction, my name is Jeric and currently user of FiNN, scfc. I live in Singapore and yes i am Asian. =)

I've always believe that a forum is a important place for guildies to know each other better cuz basically nobody can be on for 24/7 to know the on-goings, or prolly important annoucements from the leaders etc. Very Happy +1!

Our alliance was just 2 days ago. I understand many of you might be in fear of being enemies with CTF/RS/PE/DeathDealers cuz of many reasons. Like prolly some got more friends in there than on my(our) side, or some just wish to stay neutral and enjoy the game peacefully. Personally i do not know alot of you, spoken to a few and this short amount of time might not lead us to having the same views/goals but being together i am sure you guys will find out more about the two guilds you've recently allied. Good or bad, its your own judgement.

Some introduction of my own guild. I expect people to follow the rules i've set and recruitment is base on the people that i know of, most of them are peeps i knew since Ryee or my real life friends. Level isnt a requirement cuz its not the gears/levels that make you a noob, its the behaviour. And believe it or not, i know at least 80 pct of the people in guild well so if you guys notice anyone doing shit outside, feel free to let me know i'll deal with it.

Conquer is constructed like this, everyone start as a noob, in between running at different pace, but all will end up in the same finishing lines(full +12 etc). In my opinion, Guild War is the only event for you to show your skills and show off your gears, and the only reason why i am still playing conquer now(about 6years on and off) is Guild War. Theortically, why the need to built up the best char and best gears and stay in the world of yourself. pig

Shit talk at fights is common, but getting hostile outside safe pk maps after guild war shows the morality of a guild and standard of its player. I had never enemy Archerny(idk how to spell it) nor Azzarum even tho when it is allied to our enemies during guildwar. I understand from a few that fags is threatening to enemy any guilds allied to Invulnerable or Extreme||, and they already starting to pk Azz's members.

I sincerely apologise to people that lost exp because of our alliance and i wud like you guys to know that Extreme|| and Invulnerable will fully back Azzarum whenever needed. Can always drop me or my DLs a message if you are in trouble(normally on FiNN/scfc), and i will do the best i can to help. Of course it is harder to kill their main trojans like vlad or thc, but i am still working on FiNN now and in time to come, they shouldent be much of any worries.

Last but not least, thanks for whoever that came to guild war with us, MeatBall, Unknownlegend, Humble_Priest and many others that i might have missed out. I think the 3 guilds worked well together as the fags barely got in and had to jump gates. heh. Looking forward to know you guys better, and sorry to have to read the long ass essay. xD

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PostSubject: Re: Hiya people! =)   Sun Sep 28, 2008 5:10 pm

lol one thing though rs is cool with us completely u may fued wit them but yea i talked to there gl yesterday and hes not gonna enemy us or help his allys in killing us and as a result we cant help u guys kill them but u should be able to handle urselves but anyone else feel free to whisper me or someone im sure theyll be more then willing to help out
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PostSubject: Re: Hiya people! =)   Mon Oct 06, 2008 7:51 am

Yes FiNN we r glad to have u around. I will admit we went head to head in GW but unlike others we both understood it wasnt personal Smile Taking an enemy outside of GW is just immature. Its the political BS about it that really gets on my nerves. But ill be back on soon just been a lil busy irl. Hope to see u guys on line soon Smile As always HAPPY HUNTING cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Hiya people! =)   

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Hiya people! =)
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