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 Liers dont need love

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PostSubject: Liers dont need love   Sun Sep 14, 2008 4:40 pm

This is the conversation

[Guild]Keaira speaks to Hypomanic: <<<<<<<<<<<<<< who let him in[2:24]

[Guild]Keaira speaks to Hypomanic: he was kicked[2:24]

[Guild]Hypomanic speaks to Keaira: who let you in?[2:24]

[Guild]Hypomanic speaks to Keaira: i herd u quit[2:24]

[Guild]Keaira speaks to Hypomanic: dont get smart with me[2:24]

[Guild]Keaira speaks to Hypomanic: rofl[2:24]

[Guild]Keaira speaks to Hypomanic: you heard wrong[2:25]

[Guild]Keaira speaks to Hypomanic: i just second rb[2:25]

[Guild]UnknownLegend speaks to Keaira: lol[2:25]

[Guild]Keaira speaks to Hypomanic: noobkins so stop talkin crap[2:25]

[Guild]Keaira speaks to UnknownLegend: <3[2:25]

[Guild]Keaira speaks to UnknownLegend: but honestly who let him in[2:25]

[Guild]Hypomanic speaks to Keaira: i herd u r a whiny yelling noob that quit a few days ago[2:25]

[Guild]UnknownLegend speaks to Keaira: idk[2:25]

[Guild]Keaira speaks to UnknownLegend: lil just told me hour or two ago he was kicked[2:25]

[Guild]Keaira speaks to UnknownLegend: for pking guildy[2:25]

[Guild]UnknownLegend speaks to Keaira: 0.o[2:25]

[Guild]Keaira speaks to UnknownLegend: yeah[2:25]

[Guild]Keaira speaks to UnknownLegend: well i get meat 2morrow[2:26]

[Guild]Hypomanic speaks to Keaira: i been in mine helping with house for 2 days[2:26]

[Guild]Keaira speaks to UnknownLegend: if not illt alk to serin[2:26]

[Guild]Hypomanic speaks to Keaira: u herd wrong[2:26]

[Guild]UnknownLegend speaks to Keaira: spam serin its funnier that way[2:26]

[Guild]Keaira speaks to Hypomanic: ur calling lilly a liar?[2:26]

[Guild]UnknownLegend speaks to Keaira: xD[2:26]

[Guild]Keaira speaks to UnknownLegend: ROFL[2:26]

[Guild]Hypomanic speaks to Keaira: um[2:26]

[Guild]Hypomanic speaks to Keaira: im level 16[2:26]

[Guild]Hypomanic speaks to Keaira: who the **** can i pk?[2:26]

[Guild]Jeezeyo speaks to Hypomanic: MEE[2:26]

Oh crap i 2nd rb war, damn cat.

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PostSubject: Re: Liers dont need love   Sun Sep 14, 2008 8:32 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Liers dont need love   Mon Sep 15, 2008 1:04 am

how old wuz this im not adding slander and horrible truths toward keaira
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PostSubject: Re: Liers dont need love   

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Liers dont need love
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